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Renovations, Renovations - September 2021

The dog run at Up North Pet Service is now contained by a six foot fence! We have plenty of room for all of our boarding dogs to enjoy the great outdoors here Up North. We have sandy, grassy, and wooded areas on the premises to accommodate all potty area preferences.

The most exiting news is the progress on the Downstairs Den. This private pet boarding room boasts new vinyl flooring, a brand new finished wall to close it off securely, an infrared fireplace, professional Kuranda kennel beds, soft blankets, toys, stainless steel dog bowls, and both radio and DogTV options to soothe separation anxiety.

The Office Suite dog or cat boarding room is right inside the front door on the main floor and has room to accommodate your furry friends when they first arrive. 40-inch high modular pens section off the kitchen and living room areas. With the open great room floor plan, dogs are in good company!

Cats can relax safely in the Cat Playpen complete with a rug, litter box, scratcher, kitty toys, stainless steel food and water bowls, and three tiers of padded cat perches.

Roll-out of Pet Sitting Software - Time To Pet - June 2020

As operations begin to resume this summer, we are excited to announce that we are implementing a new Client Portal and Client App through Time To Pet. We have launched with a limited number of clients and will be adding the remainder of our current clients very soon! If you are a current client and would like to be added ASAP then just text Niki to let her know.

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Help is available on the web client portal in Time To Pet