Photos with Clients

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Late Summer at Up North Pet Service. Dogs boarding at Niki's cabin.

Niki's client Beaumont, a large Husky-Malemute mix, cuddling on her lap.

Sometimes they just need you to be there with them.

Niki and a brown and white Spaniel.

Sweetheart Lucy during a Drop-In

A Cookie for Myles

Niki spending the night with Cody, a two year old English Springer Spaniel

Spending the Night with Cody, a Two Year Old English Springer Spaniel

Niki getting kisses from two very large Basset Hounds Fred & Teddy

Kisses from Two Very Large Basset Hounds, Fred & Teddy

Beaumont at Niki's House, Nap Time with Charlie & Xander

A Kiss from Beau during a Drop-In

Kitty Scratches for Abby

Cuddles with Lucy while Dad was Away

Lucious AKA "Big Kitty"

Comet Loves Playtime!

Lovin' on Peanut

Boomer, another Client with Senior Needs (R.I.P.)

"Old Man" Kitty Butterscotch (R.I.P.)

Daisy Ready to Chase the Ball, 4 Mo. Beagle

Playtime with Frankie (R.I.P.) and Shortie

Kingstyn at the Ready!

Niki cuddling with a small black dog.

Getting a Hug from Dani, a Senior Female Pomeranian (R.I.P.)

Snuggle Time with Mira

Baxter, a Great Pyrenees Mix on a Sunny Spring Day

Maggie & Becky at Niki's House, a Maltipoo and a Standard Poodle

Frieda during a Holiday Weekend Drop-In

This is Reggie while Visiting Grandma & Grandpa Up North at the Lake

Miggy loves getting treats!