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Terms & Conditions

Holiday Rates:

Add 50% to all services on holidays and their adjacent holiday weekends, and the week between Christmas and New Year's. Holidays include New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve.

Additional Mileage Charges:

Travel miles over 12 each way, each visit, will be charged ninety cents per mile ($0.90/mi.) Up North Pet Service LLC reserves the right to charge stepped mileage fees based on zip codes, zones, or five mile increments from our office as an alternative to exact mileage when auto-invoicing is used. You will be notified if mileage rates apply to your services. Google Maps or actual door-to-door odometer readings will be used to determine distances.


A 50% deposit is required as noted to hold your reservation. Subject to ongoing approval and cancellation policy, repeat customers may put a credit card on file in lieu of deposit.

Payment Methods:

Please pay your deposit and final invoice by cash, local check, or through our Client Portal using your credit card.

Cash is welcomed. We also accept Local Checks, Credit and Debit Cards, or PayPal. Click here to pay by PayPal or send payment to Checks should be made payable to Up North Pet Service LLC and will be cashed immediately. 3rd Party checks and post-dated checks will not be accepted. Returned checks will be subject to a $30 fee and will result in cancellation of booking unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Payments are due as agreed upon during your Meet & Greet/Client Intake, as provided in your Service Agreement, or as agreed upon when service is scheduled. If not otherwise specified, the balance of your payment is due at boarding pick-up or within 24 hours of pet sitting service completion.

Tips: always appreciated but never expected. If you wish, you may tip your pet sitter directly or provide a tip with your service payment. Tips included with service payments will be paid in full to your pet sitter.

Cancellation Policies:


Cancellation fee, if applicable (per rate sheet) = deposit paid or if no deposit then 50% of booked service charges. Minor schedule re-arrangements for the same number of days will be accommodated when possible. Please understand that due to the personal level of service provided we must turn away other clients to hold your bookings.

Holiday Rates & Spring Break (March):

  • Cancelled 1 week or more prior = cancellation fee will be credited toward future service.

  • Less than 1 week notice = non-refundable, no credit for cancellation fee.

Non-Holiday Rates/Non-Spring Break Overnights, Vacations & Boarding:

  • Cancelled at least 1 week prior = deposit will be refunded.

  • Less than 1 week notice but more than 24 hours = cancellation fee will be credited toward future service.

  • Cancelled less than 24 hours prior = non-refundable, no credit for fee.

Non-Vacation Drop-Ins or Day Care/Hourly:

  • 48 hours notice is requested. Cancellation fee will only be billed for excessive cancellations.

Service Agreements:

You may have a Service Agreement or other written/electronic contract with Niki's Up North Pet Service or Up North Pet Service LLC. If you have a non-expired Service Agreement, please refer to it for additional terms of your Agreement. Pricing is per current pricing on Pricing page unless otherwise specified with a non-expired 'valid-through' date in your Agreement. Up North Pet Service LLC reserves the right to update terms of service from time to time to align with current business practices and legal requirements. If you have a Service Agreement that is more than 1 year old or is expired, then it is due for review or renewal - please notify us.

Pricing and terms posted on 3rd Party websites may be expired or cached on the internet and do not constitute a Service Agreement unless booked through that particular site or otherwise as required by law. If you believe you are entitled to pricing or terms that were advertised to you that conflict with the pricing and terms on this website, please contact us for prompt review and resolution.

Tax Information

EIN# is available for 1099's upon request. 1099's should not to be submitted by clients to the IRS for electronic or debit and credit card payments as these payments are covered by 1099-K's filed by the 3rd Party payment processors (Venmo, PayPal, Visa, etc.) when required. Generally, in 2019 the IRS stated that 1099-MISC must be filed for payments made by cash or check to Independent Contractors totaling $600 or more in a year. All income received by Up North Pet Service LLC is reported to the IRS whether or not a 1099 is submitted by the client or payment processor. Consult your tax adviser or the IRS with any questions.

Revision 2023-01-09

Privacy Policy

Up North Pet Service LLC aka Niki's Up North Pet Service maintains a simple Privacy Policy. Your private information will never be sold or openly shared by our business for any reason. However; Niki's Up North Pet Service utilizes the following secure cloud services to manage the business. Your contact and scheduling information will be stored privately in a Google 'Contacts', 'Gmail', and 'Calendar' account on Google's secured servers. Email sent to Niki's Up North Pet Service will be accessed securely utilizing Gmail or Zoho Apps. Your customer contact information may also be stored in our payment processor applications run by services such as Time To Pet Payments by Stripe, PayPal, Square, Wave Accounting, or QuickBooks. Your payment information will not be stored in these apps by us unless you provide your consent online, verbally, or in writing.

Use of this website is subject to the terms and conditions of Google Sites, Google Domains and Google Analytics. Cookies and analytical data are collected by and your use of this site implies your consent.

If you use services such as Facebook, Messenger, PayPal, Square,, or other booking or payment services, you are subject to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies of those services separately and independently from Up North Pet Service LLC. These policies are available to you when signing up for those accounts or using those services.

Reviews or recommendations left by you on any of our internet profiles including "Niki's Up North Pet Service" or "Nicole O." or "Up North Pet Service LLC" or "@UpNorthPet" may be duplicated in their exact original public form on this webpage or promotional materials for Up North Pet Service LLC.

Photo Release:

If you have agreed verbally or in writing to allow your pets' photos to be taken and posted by Up North Pet Service LLC, then photos of your pets and your pet's name may be used by us for promotional purposes. Examples include Facebook Business Page, Instagram posts, Profile Photos, or brochures which show how we interact with pets in general during services. Copyrights to photos will be held exclusively by the photographer or Up North Pet Service LLC. No photos containing identity-revealing or location-revealing information will be used, i.e. street views of your home. #FredericMI #GraylingMI or #GraylingPetSitter may be used in association with your pet's photo.

Opting Out:

You may 'Opt Out' of this Privacy Policy in part or in full by providing your request in writing by email. If you wish to 'Opt Out' of any 3rd Party Services or Terms you will need to contact the 3rd Party directly and notify us that you will not be utilizing those services. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever about your privacy. We will do our best to fully accommodate your particular needs regarding your privacy and your data if you Opt Out.

Revision 2023-01-07

Legal Notice

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